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Movers and Shakers with April Wachtel

Jan 7, 2020

Today’s interview is with Hillary Hughes from Foster Garvey.  Hillary is a business, food, beverage and CPG, sports & entertainment, fashion & apparel and technology attorney. She represents sports & entertainment talent, entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and established brands as well as angel, venture capital and private equity investors. She's the Chair of the firm’s Sports, Arts & Entertainment practice and coleads the Food & Beverage practice.

Given what we know about our audience, I think this episode could hold the most bang for your buck of any of our episodes, as Hillary gives great insights about a range of legal matters that took me years to understand as a first time entrepreneur. 

We discuss a range of legal topics including 

  1. Entity formation
  2. How to split equity between founders
  3. How and when to think about raising capital
  4. Preparing your business for acquisition, and so much more.

I absolutely loved this conversation with Hillary, and hope you do too. As always, if you did enjoy the interview please like, subscribe, and share the podcast and give us a review in apple podcasts. It really does help.

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