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Movers and Shakers with April Wachtel

Oct 26, 2022

Today’s interview is with Elayne Duff from the Beverage Brand Ambassador Academy.

Elayne Duff is a 20-year veteran of the spirits industry.  She was Diageo U.S.A.’s first head mixologist and luxury spirits ambassador,  has appeared on the T.V. show Bar Rescue  numerous times as a beverage expert, and was a Global...

Oct 19, 2022

Today’s interview is with Allison Evanow from Square One Organic Spirits.

Allison  is the Founder and CEO of Square One Organic Spirits and Cocktails. She is a pioneer in the organic spirits space, starting Square One as the U.S.’s first all organic spirits company and one of the first women to start her own...