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Movers and Shakers with April Wachtel

Oct 7, 2021

Today’s guest is Allen Katz, Co Founder of the New York Distilling Company. Allen is one of the nation’s leading experts on distilled spirits and cocktails, Director of the Spirits Education & Mixology for Southern Wine & Spirits of New York and is at the forefront of industry training in New York and around the country. He is renowned for his public and professional seminars on topics of America’s food and cocktail heritage and was previously the host of The Cocktail Hour for Martha Stewart on SiriusXM.
I interviewed Allen in February of 2020, just a couple of weeks before Covid landed in New York City. As we all know, the past year and a half have been strange to say the least, but I’ve missed making the pod and am hoping to be back on more of a regular schedule.
The beauty of having brilliant guests, is their advice often stands the test of time, and that is certainly the case with Allen’s.
In the podcast today we discuss:
  1. The evolution of the contemporary cocktail renaissance
  2. The founding of the NY Distilling company
  3. What it takes to break through as a spirits brand, and
  4. Allen’s advice to entrepreneurs just getting started
I can’t tell you how much I loved this conversation with Allen, and I think you’ll agree, he is a gifted storyteller as well as a fascinating and thoughtful business person. Without further ado, please enjoy my interview with Allen Katz
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